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Hair Density

Density refers to how much hair is used on your cap to create fullness. It is important to note that the perception of density is affected by the type of hair used and how it is styled (e.g., rollers and hair spray create the illusion of fullness). Curly, wavy and poofy textured hair expands when combed out. When the hair is separated and combed, it looks fuller. Therefore, two wigs with the same exact hair density can look different based on the way it is styled and its hair texture.


For a natural look, pick a density that is close to your own. Medium density is the average choice. It is generally better to have more hair than less because you can always thin it out. You will also have more
hair to accommodate for normal shedding from daily grooming. Lighter density units need repairs more quickly for this reason- this is why we do not recommend densities less than 80%.









           Light to Medium

 100 %



           Medium to Heavy






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